Student Works is a growing list of scholarship by Hamilton students that will include course projects, public presentations, grant-supported research, and senior theses.

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Submissions from 2015

A&Q Presents: November 11, 2015, DK Lee '17 and Kimberly Williams

A&Q Presents: April 8, 2015, Joe Rupprecht '18 and Collin Spinney '16

A&Q Presents: February 4, 2015, Anjanae Williams '18 and John Rufo '16

A&Q Presents: April 29, 2015, Amy Zhang '18

Submissions from 2014

A&Q Presents: September 9, 2014, Nate Lanman '15 and Mary Rice '15

A&Q Presents: September 17, 2014, Catherine Luciani '15 and Amber Torres '16


Granularity in angle: Observability in scattering experiments, Seth Major and Jake Christopher Zappala '12

Submissions from 2013

A&Q Presents: September 11, 2013, Naomi Guttman and Nick Geisler '14

A&Q Presents: November 13, 2013, Doran Larson and Emma Laperruque '14

A&Q Presents: December 11, 2013, Jane Springer and Kina Viola '14

Submissions from 2009


On modified dispersion relations and the Chandrasekhar mass limit, Michael Gregg '08 and Seth Major

Submissions from 2007


He-3 spin filters for a thermal neutron triple axis spectrometer, W. C. Chen, Gregory L. Armstrong '06, Y. Chen, Brian Collett, R. Erwin, T. R. Gentile, Gordon L. Jones, J. W. Lynn, S. McKenney, and John E. Steinberg '06

Submissions from 2006


Test of a continuously polarized He-3 neutron spin filter with NMR-based polarization inversion on a single-crystal diffractometer, Gordon L. Jones, Malcolm F. Dias '05, Brian Collett, W. C. Chen, T. R. Gentile, P. M. B. Piccoli, M. E. Miller, A. J. Schultz, H. Yan, X. Tong, W. M. Snow, W. T. Lee, C. Hoffmann, and J. Thomison

Submissions from 2005


Polarized He-3 spin filters for slow neutron physics, T. R. Gentile, W. C. Chen, Gordon L. Jones, E. Babcock, and T. G. Walker


Continuously operating compact He-3-based neutron spin filter, Gordon L. Jones, James E. Baker '04, W. C. Chen, Brian Collett, J. A. Cowan, Malcolm F. Dias '05, T. R. Gentile, C. Hoffmann, T. Koetzle, W. T. Lee, K. Littrell, M. Miller, A. Schultz, W. M. Snow, X. Tong, H. Yan, and Andrew T. Yue '04

Submissions from 2004


Reaction thresholds in doubly special relativity, Daniel Heyman '03, F. Hinterleitner, and Seth Major

Submissions from 2002


Observational limits on quantum geometry effects, Tomasz J. Konopka '02 and Seth Major