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Review of The Message of the Mind in Neo-Confucianism by Wm. Theodore de Bary, Thomas A. Wilson

Books from 1988

Champions: The Making of Olympic Swimmers, Daniel F. Chambliss

Fictions of the Feminine: Puritan Doctrine and the Representation of Women, Margaret Olofson Thickstun

Submissions from 1987


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Submissions from 1986

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Participation in Worker Cooperatives in Poland, Derek C. Jones

The Scope and Nature of Feasible Initiatives in Workplace Democratization and Participation, Derek C. Jones


Assuming the Obvious: A Reply to Derek Longhurst, Peter J. Rabinowitz

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Submissions from 1985


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Submissions from 1984


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Books from 1982

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Books from 1981

Urban America: Politics and Policy, Eugene Lewis and Frank Anechiarico

Assertion and Assumption: Fictional Patterns and the External World, Peter J. Rabinowitz

Pleasure in Conflict: Mahler’s Sixth, Tragedy, and Musical Form, Peter J. Rabinowitz

Submissions from 1980


Producer Co-operatives in Industrialised Western Economies, Derek C. Jones


The Critical Balance: Reader, Text, and Meaning, Nancy S. Rabinowitz and Peter J. Rabinowitz

Rats Behind the Wainscoting: Politics, Convention, and Chandler’s The Big Sleep, Peter J. Rabinowitz

Submissions from 1979

Les Cooperatives de Production dans les Economies Industrialises, Derek C. Jones


U.S. Producer Cooperatives: The Record to Date, Derek C. Jones


The Click of the Spring: The Detective Story as Parallel Structure in Dostoyevsky and Faulkner, Peter J. Rabinowitz


Who Was That Lady? Pluralism and Critical Method, Peter J. Rabinowitz

Submissions from 1978


Producer Cooperatives in Industrialized Western Economies: An Overview, Derek C. Jones

Submissions from 1977

The Bullock Report, Derek C. Jones

The Economics of Industrial Relations of American Producer Cooperatives, 1791-1939, Derek C. Jones

Worker Participation in Management in Britain: Evaluation, Current Developments and Prospects, Derek C. Jones


British Producer Cooperatives in the Footwear Industry: An Empirical Evaluation of the Theory of Financing, Derek C. Jones and David K. Backus


Truth in Fiction: A Reexamination of Audiences, Peter J. Rabinowitz

Submissions from 1976


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Submissions from 1975


British Producer Cooperatives and the Views of the Webbs on Participation and Ability to Survive, Derek C. Jones

Workers' Management in Britain, Derek C. Jones

Books from 1972

The Organization of Government in Monroe County, Indiana in Relation to the Provision of Water and Sewerage Services; A Report of the School for Public & Environmental Affairs, Frank Anechiarico