Submissions from 2018

Governing Nizhny Novgorod: Boris Nemtsov as a Regional Leader, Sharon Werning Rivera

Submissions from 2017

Conclusion: Accountability and the Reform of Legal Corruption, Frank Anechiarico

Introduction: What's Corrupt?, Frank Anechiarico

Racialized Policing in New York City: The NYPD and Stop, Question, Frisk, Frank Anechiarico

Shaping the State to Private Purposes: A Comparison of Conflicts of Interest in the United States and Sweden, Frank Anechiarico and Staffan Andersson


En un lugar de España de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme…, Luisa Briones

Depicting Labour, Performing Labour: Working Women in Pranlal Patel’s Jyoti Sangh Series, Lisa Trivedi

Submissions from 2016


Collaborations in Liberal Arts Colleges in Support of Digital Humanities, Lisa M. McFall, Janet Thomas Simons, Gregory Lord, Peter J. MacDonald, Angel David Nieves, and Steve Young

Submissions from 2015

The Political Economy of Conflicts of Interest in an Era of Public-Private Governance, Staffan Andersson and Frank Anechiarico


Idealizaciones y protestas políticas: la memoria histórica en Libertarias (1996) de Vicente Aranda, Luisa Briones


Beyond the Back Room: The Role of Metadata and Catalog Librarians in Digital Humanities, Lisa M. McFall

In Other Wor(l)ds: Situated Intersectionality in Italy, Heather Merrill

Submissions from 2014


Plane gravitational waves and flat space in loop quantum gravity, F. Hinterleitner and Seth Major


Granularity in angle: Observability in scattering experiments, Seth Major and Jake Christopher Zappala '12

Tsel’ bakalavriata i magistratury v SShA: kratkoe vvedenie (The Goals of a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in the U.S.: A Brief Introduction), Sharon Werning Rivera and David W. Rivera

Making Women (In)Visible? Homespun in the Nationalist Politics of Dress and Identity in Modern India, 1917-1935, Lisa Trivedi

Reading the Analects in the Sage’s Courtyard: A Modern Diner’s Guide to an Ancient Feast, Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 2013

Oversight and Accountability in Contingency Contracting: Ethical Management in a Conflict Zone, Frank Anechiarico and Gjalt de Graaf

Let's Work It Out: Managing Stress and Conflict In Libraries, Lisa A. Forrest

Who Gets to Be Italian? Black Life Worlds and White Spatial Imaginaries in Turin, Heather Merrill

Foreward, Heather Merrill and Donald Carter

Submissions from 2012

The Moral Dimension of Security Outsourcing, Frank Anechiarico and John Dehn

El Quijote y Cantinflas, Luisa Briones

Los Quijotes de Gil, Gutiérrez Aragón, Welles y Gavaldón: nuevas aproximaciones teóricas, Luisa Briones

Fame, Shame, and the Importance of Community in Samson Agonistes, Margaret Olofson Thickstun

孔子祭祀与儒家的仪式思想 (Sacrifices to Confucius and Confucian Ritual Thought), Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 2011

Nothing to Lose: Creative Programming for the Frugal Librarian, Lisa A. Forrest

Out of Bounds: Developing a Library Outreach Program Using Kouzes & Posner's Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model, Lisa A. Forrest

Submissions from 2010

DIY Publishing Projects: Broadsides, Chapbooks, and Beyond, Lisa A. Forrest

Librarians and the Local Literary Community: Making Space On the Same Shelf, Lisa A. Forrest

Women in India, Lisa Trivedi

Submissions from 2008

Libraries and Literary Clubs: The Perfect Match, Lisa A. Forrest

Sound Off! What the Army Taught Me About Leadership In Libraries, Lisa A. Forrest


"Once we leave a place is it there": Radical Pedagogy, Andrew Rippeon

Submissions from 2007

Driving the Chariot of the Lord: Siegfried I of Mainz (1060-1084) and Episcopal Identity in an Age of Transition, John Eldevik

Submissions from 2006

Procuring Integrity: Oversight, Inspection and the Politics of Public Contracting, Frank Anechiarico

A Question of Trust: The Government of India, the League of Nations, and Mohandas Gandhi, Kevin Grant and Lisa Trivedi

Amélie Nothomb’s Dialectic of the Sublime and the Grotesque, Martine Guyot-Bender

Unikal’nyi put’ Rossii? Obzor politicheskikh elit (A Unique Path for Russia? A Review of Political Elites), Sharon Werning Rivera

Interviewing Political Elites: Lessons from Russia, Sharon Werning Rivera, Polina M. Kozyreva, and Eduard G. Sarovskii

A Nationalist "Public" in the Colonial World? Swadeshi Goods and Official Space in Nationalist India, Lisa Trivedi

Submissions from 2005

The Cure for a Public Disease: The Foibles and Future of Corruption Control, Frank Anechiarico

The Socio-Cultural Perspective on Corruption in the United States, Frank Anechiarico

Confucianism: The Imperial Cult, Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 2004

Corruption Prevention at Ground Zero, 2001-2002, Frank Anechiarico

State, Migrant Agency, and the Third Sector in Turin, Italy, Heather Merrill and Donald Carter

Submissions from 2003

Reforms in Procurement Policy and Their Prospects, Frank Anechiarico

Fiction, Martine Guyot-Bender

Confucianism: Ming, Thomas A. Wilson

Sacrifice to Confucius [and 37 other entries], Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 2002

Law Enforcement or a Community-Oriented Strategy Toward Corruption Control, Frank Anechiarico

Corruption Control In New York and Its Discontents, Frank Anechiarico and James B. Jacobs

Culture, Society, Politics, and the Cult of Confucius, Thomas A. Wilson

Ritualizing Confucius/Kongzi: The Family and State Cults of the Sage of Culture in Imperial China, Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 2001

Making Space for Anti-Racist Feminism in a Northern Italian Industrial City, Heather Merrill

Submissions from 2000


New operators for spin net gravity: Definitions and consequences, Seth Major

Messenger of the Ancient Sages: Song-Ming Confucian Hermeneutics of the Canonical and the Heretical, Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 1999

Can More Public Involvement Reduce Corruption at the Public-Private Interface?, Frank Anechiarico

Submissions from 1998

Editors' Introduction, Martine Guyot-Bender

Making Sense of Narrative Ambiguity, Martine Guyot-Bender

Submissions from 1996

Harmony and Resistance in L'Amour, la fantasia's Algerian Women's Communities, Martine Guyot-Bender

Submissions from 1995

Tendentsii formirovaniya sostava post-kommunisticheskoi elity v Rossii: reputatsionnyi analiz (Trends in the Formation of Russia’s Post-Communist Elite: A Reputational Analysis), Sharon Werning Rivera

Submissions from 1991

Beyond Bribery: The Political Influence of Organized Crime in New York City, Frank Anechiarico

Mothers in Israel: The Puritan Rhetoric of Child-bearing, Margaret Olofson Thickstun