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The Richard W. Couper Press publishes scholarship on communal studies and other topics that highlight the rich holdings of the Hamilton College Library’s Special Collections and Archives. The press was established in 2006 under the direction of Couper Librarian Randall Ericson and named in honor of Richard W. Couper ’44, a Hamilton alumnus, life trustee, and benefactor of the Burke Library. The press publishes a quarterly journal and three monograph series.

American Communal Societies Quarterly
ACSQ CoverAmerican Communal Societies Quarterly features scholarly articles focusing on those American communities that have intentionally separated themselves from society in general and live according to a shared set of principles, whether religious or secular, in common ownership of property.

American Communal Societies Quarterly

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Books from 2018

Elder Rufus Bishop’s Journals, Rufus Bishop and Peter H. Van Demark

The Last Shaker Apostate: Augustus Wager and Union Village, Ohio, Thomas Sakmyster

Books from 2017

An Annotated Bibliography of Inspirationist Publications in Germany and America, 1715-2013, Lanny Haldy

History of the Shakers at New Lebanon by Isaac Newton Youngs, 1780-1861, Isaac N. Youngs, Glendyne R. Wergland, and Christian Goodwillie

Books from 2016

Demographic Directory of the Harmony Society, Eileen Aiken English

Symbols in the Wilderness: Early Masonic Survivals in Upstate New York, Joscelyn Godwin, Christian Goodwillie, and Marianita Peaslee

Iroquois-Language Manuscripts, ca. 1768-1803: The Samuel Kirkland Papers, Samuel Kirkland, Clifford Abbott, and Karim M. Tiro

Seeking Robert White: Quaker, Shaker, Husband, Father, Sandra A. Soule

Books from 2015

Picturing the Shakers in the Era of Manifestations, Robert P. Emlen

The Encyclopedic Guide to American Intentional Communities, Timothy Miller

Jazz Tales from Jazz Legends: Oral Histories from the Fillius Jazz Archive at Hamilton College, Monk Rowe and Romy Britell

Books from 2014

The Worthy Virgins: Mary Purnell and her City of David, Julieanna Frost

The Shakers of White Water, Ohio, 1823-1916, James R. Innis Jr. and Thomas Sakmyster

Shaker Cut-and-Fold Booklets: Unfolding the Gift Drawings of Emily Babcock, Sandra A. Soule

A Descriptive Bibliography of Imprints from the Israelite House of David and Mary's City of David, 1902-2010, Henry M. Yaple

Books from 2013

The Shaker Spiritual Notices of Eleanor Potter, Jane F. Crosthwaite and Eleanor Potter

Tyringham Shakers, Stephen J. Paterwic

Shaker “Great Barns” 1820s-1880s: Evolution of Shaker Dairy Barn Design and Its Relation to the Agricultural Press, Lauren A. Stiles

Books from 2012

The Collected Writings of Henry Cumings (1834-1913), Henry Cumings and Mary Ann Haagen

A Promising Venture: Shaker Photographs from the WPA, Lesley Herzberg

John Humphrey Noyes on Sexual Relations in the Oneida Community: Four Essential Texts, John Humphrey Noyes and Anthony Wonderly

Books from 2011

The Shakers through French Eyes, E. Richard McKinstry

Partake a Little Morsel: Popular Shaker Hymns of the Nineteenth Century, Carol Medlicott

The Days of My Youth: A Childhood Memoir of Life in the Oneida Community, Corinna Ackley Noyes

Books from 2010

A Bruised Idealist: David Lamson, Hopedale, and the Shakers, Peter Hoehnle

Independency of the Mind: Aquila Massie Bolton, Poetry, Shakerism, and Controversy, Sandra A. Soule

Visiting the Shakers, 1850-1899, Glendyne R. Wergland

Books from 2009

Robert White Jr., Sandra A. Soule

Books from 2007

The Prison Diary and Letters of Chester Gillette: September 18, 1907 through March 30, 1908, Chester Gillette, Jack Sherman, and Craig Brandon

Visiting the Shakers, 1778-1849, Glendyne R. Wergland

Books from 2005

A Selected Catalog of the Ezra Pound Collection at Hamilton College, Cameron McWhirter and Randall L. Ericson

Books from 1994


The Beinecke Lesser Antilles Collection at Hamilton College: A Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Prints, Maps, and Drawings, 1521-1860, Samuel J. Hough and Penelope R. O. Hough