A&Q Presents: February 20, 2019

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Calyn Clare Liss '22 - who goes by Calyn, Clare, CC, Caly, and any name that begins with C at this point - grew up in Georgia, went to boarding school in Pennsylvania, and now lives in Maine. She's been writing since she was six, when her story about a girl visiting the zoo got published in her elementary school's literary magazine. Whether or not her writing has increased in quality since then is up for interpretation. Madeline Justiniano '21 is an art major and creative writing and theatre double minor. She writes poetry in between bingeing TV shows with her boyfriend and dancing in odd places. Madeline likes flowers, cute animal videos, making art in multiple mediums and spending time with her friends. She's a young woman who is well aware of who she is and how she behaves. She is intensely introspective and concerned about the well being of those she cares about. Madeline works hard on improving herself and her work. She's very intelligent and witty, yet somehow couldn't write this bio herself. - written by Paul Turner '20

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