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In this day and age, it is very common for children's media to be viewed as more as a form of distraction rather than a source of education. By taking such a notion into account, this project aims to create a children's book which is not only appealing to younger readers, but also manages to treat them with respect by exploring mature topics and themes. This project is an illustrated, 80-page children's short story which explores natural disasters, sickness, and the importance of family in times of hardship. The story follows a semi-autobiographical retelling of the author's experiences during a series of earthquakes which occurred in Nicaragua in 2014, and during a period in which his grandfather was very sick. These topics were chosen due to how they relate to modern day problems, especially those regarding the recent pandemic; an event which many children are still be processing. Through these experiences, the author creates a story which not only aims to entertain, but also help young readers gain a better understanding of complicated emotions and events.

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Margaret Thickstun