Type of Work

Research Paper

Publication Date

Summer 8-15-2021


Most scholarship concerning hijras and other queer groups in India are limited to the late 1990s and early 2000s. Originally, my project sought to rely on primary source materials mainly from the National Archive located in New Delhi. I requested that some key documents be digitized prior to the second Indian lockdown early in the summer. Therefore, my project became more of an historiographical project, relying on two main monographs, several scholarly articles, and interviews with leading scholars of hijras. Three main sections comprise this work: précis of the two main monographs that have been published to date on hijras, a sketch of my own theory of regime construction of gender and sexual in India that is derived from my broader reading in the field this summer, and a series of academic interviews I completed with experts of South Asia, gender & sexuality, family, and imperialism.

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Levitt Public Affairs Center

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Lisa Trivedi