Feeding our Past, Nourishing our Future: a Decolonizing Podcast

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Summer 8-15-2020


Feeding Our Past, Nourishing Our Future is a 10-part podcast series about food, land, identity, and indigenous people. Several conversations focused on loss and the sadness that comes from being disconnected from one’s culture. Yet, just as many focused on the joy that comes with discovering a new part of your history through food and the rediscovery of different food practices. Over two months, we reached out to scholars in environmental studies and local farmers. While the focus of our project was indigenous peoples, overall we wanted to highlight the relationship people of color have with food and identity. Through our conversations, we discovered the various meetings that a simple concept, such as food, can have for different people. Specifically, how food can act as a form of healing for Native peoples that have experienced historical traumas. For other conversations, we discussed how food can be used by diasporic communities to reclaim and reconnect their personal histories and cultures. The themes covered in this podcast include the importance of maintaining autonomy over the foods one consumes, developing a greater sense of community and solidarity through reclaiming your personal history, and the tie between Indigeneity and sustainability.

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Levitt Public Affairs Center

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Levitt Summer Research Fellowship

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Priya Chandrasekaran