Type of Work

Research Paper

Publication Date

Summer 8-15-2021


Climate change and the coronavirus pandemic have drastically impacted the livelihoods of Muskoka’s stakeholders. Climate change has led to altered weather patterns and environments in Muskoka, which have negatively impacted stakeholders' (defined as permanent residents, seasonal residents and tourists) built infrastructure, mental and physical health, and these effects are only expected to worsen in the coming decades. Similarly, the coronavirus pandemic has caused many physical and mental health problems for Muskoka's stakeholders and has also led to tensions and anxieties regarding opinions about whether or not every stakeholder should be able to access the region during the pandemic. Although coronavirus cases are lower than prior months, the effects of the virus on stakeholders' livelihoods merits closer attention and analysis. I, Andrew Court, am a stakeholder in the Muskoka, Ontario region who greatly cares about the health of the environment and the livelihoods of stakeholders. This summer, I had the privilege of living in Muskoka and studying the effects of these two global crises to provide stakeholders with a framework for adapting to climate change and managing tensions around the coronavirus. I love Muskoka and its citizens, and I hope they find these suggestions helpful in improving their livelihoods.

Hamilton Areas of Study

Environmental Studies

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Levitt Public Affairs Center

Hamilton Scholarship Series

Levitt Summer Research Fellowship

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Aaron Strong