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This research focuses on the barriers Latinx mothers face within the Special Education system in the South Bronx. Using an interview-based qualitative research methodology, I interviewed 10 Latinx mothers in the South Bronx about their experiences navigating the Special Education system and found that the main topics they brought up ranged from: not receiving much guidance from teachers, difficulties with translations, having to self-advocate, enduring emotional labor and self-blaming. All these shared experiences of the 10 participants highlights the need for schools to provide more support to Latinx parents who are not familiar with the Special Education system. Schools need to create advocacy programs and support groups for parents where they can learn what Special Education is and the terminology used and speak with professionals who speak the native language of parents. Parents need to have information readily available to them and a direct network that can provide more resources they need. Most importantly, we need to rethink the way the public educational system has caused us to internalize the idea that every child needs to fit into a certain standard. Instead, we need to create a school system where every child is valued and can succeed in a nurturing environment.

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