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The following report is from a summer research project conducted between May and August 2020 that was supported by Hamilton College’s Emerson Collaborative Grants. The project’s ultimate goal is to collect empirical survey data combined with expert interviews to propose pathways to a sustainable future for the Muskoka Region. The Muskoka Region is a gorgeous and unique area in Northern Canada that requires and deserves environmental stability and preservation. Over the past few years, Muskoka's environment has been increasingly degraded, and the causes and motivations of this degradation merit attention. This project consists of 3 reports, and aims to improve the Muskoka Region's sustainability. Report 1 and 2 consist of preliminary research through a combination of online empirical data, elite interviews, and participant surveys to set the stage for Report 3, where I propose a sustainable and equitable vision for the future of the very precious Muskoka Region. Specifically, I am interested in finding out what the biggest threats to Muskoka's natural environment are, what demographics may be causing these threats, and how the stakeholders within the region can better manage their individual and collective actions to reduce their ecological impacts.

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Aaron Strong