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Anthony Weston, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Elon University, reflects on his recently completed, two week course in which students engaged in a fast-forward exploration of some of philosophy’s farther possibilities. Its central goal was to offer forming young philosophers a vision of an urgent, venturesome, thoroughly engaged, and reconstructive kind of philosophical work and life; to expand and enliven their sense of what philosophical study and practice could be for them personally and in the culture at large. In doing so, the course aimed to systematically and repeatedly leapfrog the imaginative and other limits of the usual pedagogies and disciplinary conceptions of the field and its possibilities.

This presentation was given on July 11, 2022, for the Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy held in Clinton, New York.

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Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy

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Philosophy Department, Hamilton College

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Clinton, NY, USA

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Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy

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