Organizational mergers between libraries and information technology services have become more common in recent years. From curbing administrative costs to improving communication to supporting student and faculty success, merged institutions cite a variety of reasons for joining forces. How do successfully merged library and IT services work? What are the challenges and opportunities for those leading within these organizations? What lessons can stand alone organizations glean from these unions? Presenters from four liberal arts institutions--Hamilton, Kenyon, Trinity, and Wellesley Colleges--will share a variety of perspectives and advice for those contemplating a merger or just looking to improve Library-IT relationships. Session participants will learn best practices in reconciling Library and IT cultures, issues to consider when merging (and how to address these before the merger actually takes place), and examples of natural working affinities across campus and within library and IT organizations.

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Educause Annual Conference 2016

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Anaheim, CA, USA

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Library and Information Technology Services

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