Submissions from 2018

Role Playing as a Pedagogy, Shoshana Brassfield

Argument Maps as Representational Tools, Charles Rathkopf

Drawing for Understanding and Insight, Juli K. Thorson

Submissions from 2016


Merge Ahead: Library-IT Organizations in the Liberal Arts, Lisa A. Forrest, Niranjan Davray, Heather Woods, and Dave Smallen

Submissions from 2015


Partners in Teaching & Learning: Peer Research Tutors in the Library and Across Campus, Lisa A. Forrest

Submissions from 2013


宋明清的郊祀論述及儒臣對神明的概念 (The Song-Ming-Qing Discourse on the Suburban Sacrifice and the Confucian Conception of Spirits), Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 2010


Creative Programming for the Frugal Librarian, Lisa A. Forrest

Submissions from 2009


Poetry, Postcards, and Place: Creative Outreach for the Polymath Librarian, Lisa A. Forrest and Marc Bayer

Submissions from 2008


The Starry Dynamo in the Machinery of the Night: Liberal Arts and Libraries in a Digital World, Lisa A. Forrest and Wendy Hilleran