Submissions from 2018

Grassroots Diplomacy: Fighting the Cold War on the Family Farm with the International Farm Youth Exchange, Peter Simons

Books from 2017


Second Nature: Hamilton College and the Natural Environment, Peter Simons, Sabrina Boutselis '19, Jack Hay '19, Noelle Connors '19, Emma Raynor '18, Leigh Preston '18, Emma Morgan '18, Elise LePage '18, Chloe Keating '18, and Laura Kwasnoski '18

Depicting Labour, Performing Labour: Working Women in Pranlal Patel’s Jyoti Sangh Series, Lisa Trivedi

Submissions from 2016


Saints, Pagans, and the Wonders of the East: The Medieval Imaginary and Its Manuscript Contexts, John Eldevik

Continental Divide: A History of American Mountaineering, Maurice Isserman

幻化之龍:兩千年中國歷史變遷的孔子 (Lives of Confucius), Thomas A. Wilson, Michael Nylan, and He Jianye

Submissions from 2015

Aviation’s Heartland: The Flying Farmers and Postwar Flight, Peter Simons

Books from 2014

Refocusing the Lens: Pranlal K. Patel's Photographs of Women at Work in Ahmedabad, Pranlal K. Patel, Lisa Trivedi, and Robert Knight

Making Women (In)Visible? Homespun in the Nationalist Politics of Dress and Identity in Modern India, 1917-1935, Lisa Trivedi

Reading the Analects in the Sage’s Courtyard: A Modern Diner’s Guide to an Ancient Feast, Thomas A. Wilson


Review of Confucianism as a World Religion by Anna Sun, Thomas A. Wilson


Review of The Dysfunction of Ritual in Early Confucianism by Michael David KaulanaIng, Thomas A. Wilson


Spirits and the Soul in Confucian Ritual Discourse, Thomas A. Wilson

Books from 2013

Cronkite's War: His World War II Letters Home, Walter Cronkite, IV and Maurice Isserman


宋明清的郊祀論述及儒臣對神明的概念 (The Song-Ming-Qing Discourse on the Suburban Sacrifice and the Confucian Conception of Spirits), Thomas A. Wilson

Books from 2012

Episcopal Power and Ecclesiastical Reform in the German Empire: Tithes, Lordship and Community, 950-1150, John Eldevik

孔子祭祀与儒家的仪式思想 (Sacrifices to Confucius and Confucian Ritual Thought), Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 2011


Bishops in the Medieval Empire: New Perspectives on the Church, State and Episcopal Office, John Eldevik

On the Hill: A Bicentennial History of Hamilton College, 1812-2012, Maurice Isserman


The Transformation of Heartland America: A Success Story?, Peter Simons

Submissions from 2010

Women in India, Lisa Trivedi


Review of Neo-Confucianism in History by Peter K. Bol, Thomas A. Wilson

Lives of Confucius: Civilization's Greatest Sage Through the Ages, Thomas A. Wilson and Michael Nylan

Books from 2008

Fallen Giants: A History of Himalayan Mountaineering from the Age of Empire to the Age of Extremes, Maurice Isserman and Stewart Weaver

Submissions from 2007

Driving the Chariot of the Lord: Siegfried I of Mainz (1060-1084) and Episcopal Identity in an Age of Transition, John Eldevik

Books from 2006


Medieval Germany: Research and Resources, John Eldevik

A Question of Trust: The Government of India, the League of Nations, and Mohandas Gandhi, Kevin Grant and Lisa Trivedi

A Nationalist "Public" in the Colonial World? Swadeshi Goods and Official Space in Nationalist India, Lisa Trivedi

Books from 2005

Exploring North America, 1800-1900, Maurice Isserman

Confucianism: The Imperial Cult, Thomas A. Wilson

Books from 2004

Across America: The Lewis and Clark Expedition, Maurice Isserman

Submissions from 2003


Ecclesiastical Lordship and the Politics of Submitting Tithes in Medieval Germany: The Thuringian Dispute in Social Context, John Eldevik


Visually Mapping the "Nation": Swadeshi Politics in Nationalist India, 1920-1930, Lisa Trivedi

Confucianism: Ming, Thomas A. Wilson

Sacrifice to Confucius [and 37 other entries], Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 2002


Eine unbekannte Kopie der Georgenberger Handfeste im Reiner Musterbuch, Cvp. 507, John Eldevik

Culture, Society, Politics, and the Cult of Confucius, Thomas A. Wilson

On Sacred Grounds: Culture, Society, Politics, and the Formation of the Cult of Confucius, Thomas A. Wilson

Ritualizing Confucius/Kongzi: The Family and State Cults of the Sage of Culture in Imperial China, Thomas A. Wilson


Sacrifice and the Imperial Cult of Confucius, Thomas A. Wilson

Books from 2000

The Other American: The Life of Michael Harrington, Maurice Isserman

American Divided: The Civil War of the 1960s, Maurice Isserman and Michael Kazin

Messenger of the Ancient Sages: Song-Ming Confucian Hermeneutics of the Canonical and the Heretical, Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 1999


Review of Of Body and Brush by Angela R. Zito, Thomas A. Wilson

Submissions from 1998


Review of The Temple of Memories by Jun Jing, Thomas A. Wilson

一個被忽略學者所留下之不可磨滅印記漢學詮釋學之重整 (The Indelible Mark of an Overlooked Scholar: Toward a Restructuring of Sinological Hermeneutics), Thomas A. Wilson

Books from 1997

Journey to Freedom: The African-American Great Migration, Maurice Isserman

Submissions from 1996


The Ritual Formation of Confucian Orthodoxy and the Descendants of the Sage, Thomas A. Wilson

Books from 1995

Witness to War: Vietnam, Maurice Isserman

Genealogy of the Way: The Construction and Uses of the Confucian Tradition in Late Imperial China, Thomas A. Wilson

Books from 1994

Homelessness: A Sourcebook, Rick Fantasia and Maurice Isserman


Confucian Sectarianism and the Compilation of the Ming History, Thomas A. Wilson


Genealogy and History in Neo-Confucian Sectarian Uses of the Confucian Past, Thomas A. Wilson

宋明清儒学派别争论与明史的编纂 (Confucian Sectarianism and the Compilation of the Ming History), Thomas A. Wilson

Books from 1992

The Korean War, Maurice Isserman

The Vietnam War, Maurice Isserman

Books from 1991

World War II, Maurice Isserman

Books from 1990

Dorothy Healey Remembers: A Life in the American Communist Party, Dorothy Healey and Maurice Isserman

Submissions from 1989


Review of The Message of the Mind in Neo-Confucianism by Wm. Theodore de Bary, Thomas A. Wilson

Books from 1987

If I Had a Hammer: The Death of the Old Left and the Birth of the New Left, Maurice Isserman

Books from 1982

Which Side Were You On?: The American Communist Party during the Second World War, Maurice Isserman