The Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy (HCSPiP) brings together creative teachers, ambitious undergraduates, and engaging graduate students, for three concurrent, innovative, two-week courses in philosophy. The program culminates, for faculty, in a conference on pedagogy at which the three instructors of the courses will present their work. At the conference, instructors share their experiences, what they tried and what they learned. Presenters are encouraged to focus on general, transferable pedagogical skills so that the conference will be useful for instructors in a wide range of disciplines.

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Submissions from 2019

Teaching Discussion Skills: A Metacognitive Approach, Ann Cahill

Existentialism Relived: Reflections on Experiential Learning, Daniel Collette

Working with Diverse Student Perspectives: When Discussions Get Difficult, Kimberly Van Orman

A Letter of Love: And the Return of White Backlash, George Yancy

Dialogue, Debate, and Narrative, Eric Yang

Submissions from 2018

Role Playing as a Pedagogy, Shoshana Brassfield

Argument Maps as Representational Tools, Charles Rathkopf

Drawing for Understanding and Insight, Juli K. Thorson