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Let's Work It Out: Managing Stress and Conflict In Libraries

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Job Stress and the Librarian: Coping Strategies from the Professionals

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Carol Smallwood




Jefferson, NC, USA




One of the more common perceptions of libraries is that they are quiet sanctuaries filled with books and tranquility. Based on this perception, it’s understandable when others exclaim “You work in a library? That must be so relaxing!” Most of us who call the library our workplace know this perception can be a bit far from the truth. As library personnel struggle with the pressures of learning unfamiliar technologies, dealing with limited resources, and adjusting to new responsibilities, the library can be a stressful work environment. Some form of conflict between co-workers is inevitable. Conflict in the library is taxing for everyone involved, but if handled effectively, can be a creative force leading to improved communication and a stronger sense of workplace unity.

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Library and Information Technology Services

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