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Nothing to Lose: Creative Programming for the Frugal Librarian

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The Frugal Librarian: Thriving in Tough Economic Times

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Carol Smallwood


American Library Association


Chicago, IL, USA




As academic libraries continue to transform from “the building with all the books” intolively spaces for engaged learners, it is imperative that librarians enact the learning mission of their institution. But how can librarians inspire a lifelong passion for learning and extend their influence past the limitations of one-shot instruction classes and the reference desk? Literary clubs, book talks, and workshop series can allow librarians to go beyond simply providing access to information; dynamic programming such as this can support the professional growth, intellectual exchange, and cultural enrichment of the entire community. But in today's financially strapped times, librarians can be too quick to dismiss innovative programming ideas in their libraries. Contrary to the assumptions of campus administration, many innovative programs can be initiated and run with little or no expense.

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Library and Information Technology Services

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