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Supporting Digital Humanities for Knowledge Acquisition in Modern Libraries

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Kathleen L. Sacco, Scott S. Richmond, Sara Parme, Kerrie Fergen Wilkes


Information Science Reference


Hershey, PA, USA

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Many professors and students are surprised to learn about the variety of skills metadata and catalog librarians possess that can benefit their digital humanities projects. Metadata and catalog librarians already have experience in areas such as developing project metadata schemas and controlled vocabularies, as well as providing suggestions for project organization, and have the basic abilities needed to support learning new skills such as XML and TEI. This chapter will offer perspectives on how a metadata and catalog librarian can contribute to digital humanities projects. A case study focusing on the involvement of the Metadata and Catalog Librarian with the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) at Hamilton College will be used to illustrate one example of how to become successfully involved in digital humanities research on campus.


This chapter appeared on pages 21-43 of:

Sacco, Kathleen L, Scott S. Richmond, Sara Parme, and Kerrie F. Wilkes, eds. Supporting Digital Humanities for Knowledge Acquisition in Modern Libraries. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2015.

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