A&Q Presents: May 4, 2019

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A presentation by the students of the Spring 2019 Novel Writing Independent Study

Helen Stutsman '19 is literature major. At a young age she sold her soul to the writing gods and has been writing novels ever since. She loves writing fantasy and adventure with a healthy splash of romance between fight scenes.

TJ Berley '21 is a creative writing and theater major at Hamilton College. His primary interest is in writing long-form fantasy stories, but he has also written poetry and plays.

Emily Brewer '21 is a Creative Writing major at Hamilton College. She writes fantasy novels that reexamine the common archetypes and question who the true monsters are.

Julia Dupuis '21 is majoring in Creative Writing and future unemployment. As a dog enthusiast, student journalist, and part-time wage slave to the capitalist machine, she has an understandable lack of free time.

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Clinton, NY

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