A&Q presents: October 24, 2018

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Ali Zildjian '19 is a literature major from too many places.

Kyandreia Jones '19 is a Posse Miami Scholar and a Creative Writing major. She was born and raised in South Florida. When she thinks of home she likes to muse that she is in a “sunshine state of mind”. Jones’ poetry and prose has been published in various college literary publications and magazines such as Red Weather, Grasping Roots, The Black List Journal and The Underground. In 2017, Jones published her first short story, “At Home,” in Living Spring Publishers' Stories Through the Ages, College Edition 2017. Currently, writing a children's book for Choose Your Own Adventure has been the highlight of Jones’ career and she cannot wait to see what other adventures await her as her passion takes her to new, exciting heights. Jones also values reading, writing, laughing, and promoting universal kindness.

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Clinton, NY

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