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Doran Larson teaches courses in prison writing, the history of the novel, 20th-century American literature, and creative writing. He has published articles on Herman Melville, Theodore Dreiser, Henry James and popular film. Since November of 2006, he has taught a creative writing course inside a maximum-security state prison. Larson's essays on prison writing and prison issues have been published in College Literature, Radical Teacher, English Language Notes and The Chronicle of Higher Education. He is the editor of two forthcoming volumes: The Beautiful Prison, a special issue of the legal journal Studies in Law, Politics, and Society; and Fourth City: Essays from the Prison in America. He is also the author of two novels, The Big Deal (Bantam, 1985), and Marginalia (Permanent, 1997). Larson's stories have appeared in The Iowa Review, Boulevard, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Alaska Quarterly Review and Best American Short Stories. The Iowa Review published his novella, Syzygy, in 1998. He has also published travel writing, magazine features, and paid op-eds.

Emma Laperruque '14 is a senior fellow and an interdisciplinary major, even though she often pretends to still be a creative writing major as a brazen excuse to show up at department events and eat lemon bars. For her final year at school, Emma is writing an instructive, narrative cookbook, which will teach young adults the basics of home cooking. When not recipe-testing for her fellowship, Emma recipe-tests for her blog, Dourmet (at Dourmet.com). And on the ever-rare occasion that she's doing something unrelated to food, Emma likes to memorize Kanye West lyrics in preparation for a concert in November, and run around in ridiculous neon outfits in preparation for a marathon in March.

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