A&Q Presents: Febrary 3, 2016

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Adja Dramé '16 is a poet, creative writer, and dancer from Manhattan. She specializes in World Politics and French at Hamilton College. Adja spent her junior year in France studying Political Science, Literature, Film, and Dance at elite institutions such as La Sorbonne, Paris VII (Diderot), and The Studio in the heart of Paris. Adja is also a French teaching assistant and a tutor for World Politics. She is the Art Chair of the Feminists of Color Collective, using her experiences in the arts to encourage others to explore their creative side.

Sacharja Cunningham '19 is from Brooklyn, New York. He loves writing, reading, and his passion for the humanities and social justice has motivated him to pursue an Africana Studies major with a double minor in Creative Writing and Education. Specifically, poetry became a primary means of storytelling and activism at the end of his sophomore year in high school and continues to serve those purposes today. He aspires to be a writer and educator since poetry has proved to be such a transformative saving grace in his life, and he would love to inspire other people to use poetry similarly.

Workshop led by Sacharja Cunningham '19 and Adja Dramé '16 of the Feminists of Color Collective. Other readers include Kyle Burnham, Terri Moise, Kareem Watson, Andres Aguilar, and Kaygon Finakin.

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Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, USA

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