A&Q Presents: October 4, 2017

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Martha Redmond '18 was born and raised just outside of Utica, NY. She is an avid collector of peach pits and the proud owner of a charming young SCOBY, as she is also head honcho of the Hamilton College Pickling & Fermenting club. This past semester Martha was abroad in Copenhagen. She came back matured and with a new daily uniform, consisting of a striped shirt and black pants. If she were to lift that shirt you would see beneath it a big bulging heart beating on the outside of her chest. Please be gentle when handling this poet. Her photographs and poems have been published several times in Red Weather. Martha’s love language is gift-giving, which she is happy to speak more on, as it is the topic of her psychology thesis.

Pat LeGates '18 is interested in how poems can be useful.

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