Type of Work

Research Paper

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Summer 9-16-2021


Hamilton College has a large and unique social media presence that includes depictions and portrayals of the college’s students of color. The manner in which students of color are portrayed holds inherent problems that, although not unique to Hamilton, are created by the actions of the college. In the midst of Hamilton College’s era of tracking diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, this paper implicitly challenges the devotion to the DEI initiatives. To best understand the portrayal of students of color, interviews were conducted in conjunction with data analysis of the content featured on various Hamilton social media sites. Results from the participants and data analysis, although not entirely negative, call attention to various shortcomings from the college that all contribute to a lack of belonging on campus. Ultimately, this research found that the college must do more in collaboration with Hamilton students of color in order to portray them in the best manner on social media. Further, in everyday life, the college should be more connected with their students of color through discussion and participation.

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Levitt Public Affairs Center

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Levitt Summer Research Group Grant

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Chenyu Wang and Chaise LaDousa

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Anthropology Commons