Type of Work

Research Paper

Publication Date

Winter 1-19-2021


The primary focus of this report was to investigate trends of Asian and Asian American representation in media and pop culture, with a heavy emphasis through a Western lens. We explore the subjective and relatively objective definitions of the terms “Asian” and “Asian American” as it pertains to identity in the United States in the 21st Century. Beginning with historical context, we examined the documented records of anti-Asian legislation, influences of Asian media in mainstream pop culture, and contemporary accounts of Asians in the United States. We analyzed films that emphasized the Asian and Asian American experience through common themes such as, family, transition, American Dream, feeling out of place, model minority myth, and stigma. Additionally, we used this paper to reflect and vocalize our own experiences as individuals who identify as Asian or Asian American. We not only pondered on how the above-mentioned themes play into our lives but also considered our personal experiences as students attending Hamilton College, a predominantly white institution in upstate New York.

Hamilton Areas of Study

Asian Studies

Hamilton Sponsoring Organization

Levitt Public Affairs Center

Hamilton Scholarship Series

Levitt Winter Research Group Grant

Hamilton Faculty Advisor

Kyoko Omori