Submissions from 2018


Almost Like a Real Band: Navigating a Gendered Jazz Art World, Chelsea Wahl and Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 2017


Why Worship Matters: Lessons From Lutheran Congregations Struggling in a World of Liturgical Change, Stephen Ellingson

Books from 2016

Making Sense of the Social World: Methods of Investigation, Daniel F. Chambliss and Russell K. Schutt

To Care for Creation: The Emergence of the Religious Environmental Movement in the United States, Stephen Ellingson

Books from 2014

How College Works, Daniel F. Chambliss and Christopher G. Takacs


Review of No Sympathy for the Devil: Christian Pop Music and the Transformation of American Evangelicalism, by David W. Stowe, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 2013

Packaging Religious Experience, Selling Modular Religion: Explaining the Emergence and Expansion of Megachurches, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 2012


Review of Between God & Green, by Katherine K. Wilkinson, Stephen Ellingson


The Structure of Religious Environmentalism: Movement Organizations, Interorganizational Networks, and Collective Action, Stephen Ellingson, Vernon A. Woodley, and Anthony Paik

Submissions from 2010

Megachurches and the Transformation of Tradition, Stephen Ellingson

New Research on Megachurches: Non-Denominationalism and Sectarianism, Stephen Ellingson


Review of Evangelical vs. Liberal: The Clash of Christian Cultures in the Pacific Northwest, by James K. Wellman, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 2009

A Neglected Necessity in Liberal Arts Assessment: The Student as the Unit of Analysis, Daniel F. Chambliss

Making Theories Out of Water; Or, Finding Stratification in Competitive Swimming, Daniel F. Chambliss


Review of Engaged Spirituality: Social Change and American Religion, by Gregory C. Stanczak, Stephen Ellingson


The Rise of the Megachurches and Changes in Religious Culture: Review Article, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 2008


Review of Bearing Witness against Sin: The Evangelical Birth of the American Social Movement, by Michael P. Young, Stephen Ellingson

Books from 2007

The Megachurch and the Mainline: Remaking Religious Tradition in the Twenty-First Century, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 2006


Review of The Moral Veto, by Gene Burns, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 2005

Frame Analysis, Daniel F. Chambliss

From Cordiality to Candor: An Ethnographic Study of a Faculty Forming Its Life Together, Stephen Ellingson


Review of Remaking the Godly Marriage, by John Bartkowski, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 2004

Constructing Causal Stories and Moral Boundaries: Institutional Approaches to Sexual Problems, Stephen Ellingson

Religion and the Politics of Sexuality, Stephen Ellingson

The Theory of Sex Markets, Stephen Ellingson

The Cultural Economy of Urban Sexuality, Stephen Ellingson, Jenna Mahay, Anthony Paik, and Edward O. Laumann

Race and the Construction of Same-Sex Sex Markets in Four Chicago Neighborhoods, Stephen Ellingson and Kirby Schroeder

The Sexual Organization of the City, Edward O. Laumann, Stephen Ellingson, Jenna Mahay, Anthony Paik, and Yoosik Youm

Books from 2002

Religion and Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Stephen Ellingson and M. Christian Green

Books from 2001

Organizational Ethics in Health Care: Principles, Cases, and Practical Solutions, Philip J. Boyle, Edwin R. DuBose, Stephen Ellingson, David E. Guinn, and David B. McCurdy


The New Spirituality from a Social Science Perspective, Stephen Ellingson


Religion and the Politics of Sexuality, Stephen Ellingson, Nelson Tebbe, Martha Van Haitsma, and Edward O. Laumann

Submissions from 1999


What Are We Trying to Teach?, Daniel F. Chambliss


Review of Whitewash: Racialized Politics and the Media, by John Gabriel, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 1998


Review of Social Movements and Cultural Change: The First Abolition Campaign Revisited, by Leo D'Anjou, Stephen Ellingson

A Good Death? Finding a Balance Between the Interest of Patients and Caregivers, Stephen Ellingson and Jon D. Fuller

Books from 1996

Beyond Caring: Hospitals, Nurses, and the Social Organization of Ethics, Daniel F. Chambliss

Submissions from 1995


Review of Practicing Virtues: Moral Traditions at Quaker and Military Boarding Schools, by Kim Hays, Stephen Ellingson


Understanding the Dialectic of Discourse and Collective Action: Public Debate and Rioting in Antebellum Cincinnati, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 1994


Review of Discreet Indiscretions: The Social Organization of Gossip, by Jörg R. Bergmann, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 1993


Straining at the Tie That Binds: Congregational Conflict in the 1980s, Penny Edgell Becker, Stephen Ellingson, Richard W. Flory, Wendy Griswold, Fred Kniss, and Timothy Nelson


Is Bioethics Relevant?, Daniel F. Chambliss

The Ethnography of Morality, the Morality of Ethnography, Daniel F. Chambliss

Submissions from 1991

What Phenomenology Can Do For Nursing, Daniel F. Chambliss


Review of The Politics of Official Discourse in Twentieth-Century South Africa, by Adam Ashforth, Stephen Ellingson

Submissions from 1989


The Mundanity of Excellence: An Ethnographic Report on Stratification and Olympic Swimmers, Daniel F. Chambliss

Books from 1988

Champions: The Making of Olympic Swimmers, Daniel F. Chambliss

Submissions from 1985


Why Not Read the Best?, Daniel F. Chambliss