Existentialism Relived: Reflections on Experiential Learning

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Existentialism was one of the most popular philosophical movements in the 20th century, with lasting influence in philosophy and other disciplines such as psychology. It engages problems like being in the world, living authentically, radical freedom, human irrationality, anxiety, gender norms, distraction, boredom, absurdity, and creativity with an emphasis on living well, not just thinking well.

Daniel Collette, Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Marquette University, reflects on his class’s exploration of these themes during his two week course for the Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy. Since the existentialists were less concerned with abstract theorizing than fundamental aspects of living, the course aimed to fulfill that spirit of existentialism by engaging in activities and existential experiments that expose and teach those philosophical themes.

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Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy

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Philosophy Department, Hamilton College

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Clinton, NY, USA

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Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy

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