A&Q presents: August 29, 2018

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Jerad McMickle ’19 is a Government major from New Port Richey, FL. Jerad spends most of his time working at the Career Center and worked this last summer to make on-campus orientation the best ever. His greatest accomplishment is when he spearheaded the Career Center's purchase of four (4) waffle machines and, less excitingly, the time he won a Class and Charter Day award. On campus, he's on the poetry e-board for Red Weather, co-hosts a WHCL show, and guest writes the occasional Continental article. You'll likely find Jerad munching on mac 'n cheese at the diner, tolling away at homework in Opus, or pursuing gains at the gym.

Sara Aldrich ‘19 is a neuroscience major from Washington state. She hates public speaking but is here doing this anyway. She is obsessed with memes, has 5 ½ cats, and is a e-board member of the Novelists’ Club. The biggest tragedy of her life is her dairy allergy. Non-dairy cheese doesn’t even taste like real cheese.

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