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The Tyringham Shakers


Those writing about the Shakers during the last forty years, with one exception, seem content to give Tyringham just a cursory glance and then dismiss it. This has created a situation in Shaker studies akin to a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” Since so little is known, it is easier to move on to the more famous Shaker settlements to study their people, artifacts, trade, etc. This has caused Tyringham to be perpetually relegated to the sidelines. The ninety-five-year history of the Shakers in Tyringham remains as shadowy as the hillsides they lived on.

It is the goal of this work to provide new insights, facts, and connections that will bring the Shaker presence at Tyringham out into the open. Hopefully scholars in the field of Shaker studies will be able to find sufficient resources here to enable them to integrate the Tyringham community into their works. When this is done, Tyringham will find its rightful place in the ongoing study of the Believers.

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