The first publication by Benjamin Purnell, who, along with Mary Purnell, founded the House of David in Fostoria, Ohio, in 1902, and relocated the community to Benton Harbor, Michigan, in 1903, was a four-page pamphlet published in 1894, titled Free Press of the House of Israel, New House or Body of Israel. We had not been able to locate a copy until we discovered that the House of David had reprinted it in Shiloh’s Messenger of Wisdom, in March 1911 (v. 8, no. 11). Below we print three items related to this publication. First is the accompanying article in Shiloh’s Messenger of Wisdom explaining the events leading up to the publication of Free Press of the House of Israel, second is a facsimile reproduction of the four-page publication itself, and third is a commentary on the pamphlet by R. James Taylor, trustee of Mary’s City of David.

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