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Front cover illustration: Garden Seeds, Raised at New-Lebanon, Columbia County, New-York, and put up in papers, for sale by [blank]. [Albany: Printed by Packard & Van Benthuysen, between 1816 and 1824]. 33 x 21 cm. Hamilton College has recently acquired this seed order form, one of the earliest known examples printed for the New Lebanon, New York, Shaker community. An example similar to this one is in the collection of the American Antiquarian Society but there are distinct typographical and a few price differences between the two. Neither is dated, and the date range given for this example is based on the cataloging of the example at AAS. The Hamilton College copy has the “N.B.” (nota bene, or note well) post-script about ordering seeds in July, which is not present on the AAS copy. Additionally, the Hamilton copy has been completed in manuscript, while the AAS example was never completed.