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Front cover illustration: This marvelous, newly discovered caricature is the work of an artist named Korman. It is thought to have been drawn for an as-yet- unidentified New England newspaper between 1910 and 1921. Illustrated are Hancock Shakers Alexander and Ritcho Pettiff, Gladys Smith, and Trustee Frances Hall. The Pettiffs (also spelled Pettit, or as shown in the drawing, Petete) were part of a contingent of Bulgarians who came to live with the Hancock Shakers beginning in August 1900. Ritcho arrived at Hancock on November 17, 1905, at the age of fifty-nine. Alexander arrived on January 26, 1910, at the age of sixteen. Gladys Smith left the community on May 28, 1921, at the age of twenty-four. Soon thereafter, in 1922, young Alexander Pettit left to attend an auto show, and he never returned. Frances Hall eventually became first eldress in the Central Ministry and died at Hancock on March 10, 1957.