Communal Societies Collection: New Acquisitions

  1. [Stereoview] Group of Shakers. [Group of seventeen Sisters and Brothers from the Mount Lebanon North Family of Shakers in front of the 1818 North Family dwelling house]. Photographer: Irving of Troy, New York. Photograph taken 1871. 8.3 x 17.5 cm.
  2. Kellogg, Ebenezer. The Millenniel [!] Kingdom of Peace: or a New System of Ecclesiastical Government, by The Holy Ghost and Saints: ... Where, Note, The Holy Ghost makes all Laws Invisibly! as when “the Spirit made it seem good to decree,” ... or, As Taught Herein, That, Invisibly, all Laws may be made by God’s Spirit, if made visibly by Saints ! but cannot be done by Nations ! for, God, our Saviour. promises, when he comes again, “to be glorified In his Saints,” not Nations ! ... This Work Maintains Also, That Such a Work Began in A. D. 1816 ! and is to end in A. D. 1866... [by] A Layman – Miraculously assisted! [n. p., but probably Middletown, Connecticut]: Published by the author. 1824. 120 p.

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