Communal Societies Collection: New Acquisitions

  1. Extract from an Unpublished Manuscript on Shaker History (by an Eye Witness.) Giving an Accurate Description of Their Songs, Dances, Marches, Visions, Visits to the Spirit Land, &c. Boston: Printed and Published by E. K. Allen, 1850. 48 p. 19 cm.
  2. A Juvenile Monitor. Containing Instructions for Youth and Children; Pointing Out Ill Manners, and Showing Them How to Behave in the Various Conditions of Childhood and Youth. Printed at New-Lebanon [N.Y.]: [n.p.], 1823. 20 p. 13 cm.
  3. [Manuscript letter]. Copy of a Letter dated New Lebanon March 30th 1839 [A letter from the Ministry at New Lebanon, New York to the New Hampshire Ministry, with a second letter dated April 10, 1839 from the “Ministry at Canterbury” to the Elders at Enfield, New Hampshire]. 7 p. plus cover. 25.5 cm.

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