Hamilton College Library Acquires The Shaker Messenger Archives

Communal Societies Collection: New Acquisitions

  1. Lamech, Brother, Johann Peter Mill, J. Max Hark. Chronicon Ephratense; A History of the Community of Seventh Day Baptists at Ephrata, Lancaster County, Penn’a. Lancaster, Pa.: S. H. Zahm & Co., 1889. xvi, 288 p. 26 cm.
  2. Clark, Christopher. A Shock to Shakerism: Or A Serious Refutation of the Idolatrous Divinity of Anne Lee, of Manchester, (Eng.). Richmond, Ky.: Printed for T. W. Ruble, 1812. iv, 114 p. 20 cm.
  3. Noyes, T. R. (M. D.). Report on the Health of Children in the Oneida Community. Oneida, N. Y.: [n. p.], 1878. 8 p. 22 cm.
  4. Harter, Mrs. J. H. and [Harvey L. Eads]. True Religion. A Poem, by Mrs. J. H. Harter, Auburn, N.Y. and Rhymes on Shakerism by Mrs. Harter and Lizzie Morton. [n.p: n.d.]. 20 p. 15 cm.
  5. Collection relating to “The Children of Light” (an intentional community established about 1950 and located at Dateland, Arizona since 1963). [Correspondence, photographs, hymnody and poetry, sound recordings, newspaper photocopies and transcriptions, and ephemeral items].

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