Hamilton College Library’s Special Collections: An Overview by Randall Ericson

Communal Societies Collection: New Acquisitions

  1. [Blinn, Henry C.], compiler. Dew Drops of Wisdom. Canterbury, N.H.: Printed by H. C. Blinn, 1852. 125 p. 41/2 x 3 1/2 cm.
  2. Castle, E. M. Koreshan Songs. [N.p.: n.d.]. 16 p. 20 cm.
  3. [Two Shaker Seed Boxes from the New Gloucester, Maine Community]. The wider box: 4” x 24” x 9”. The taller box: 5 1/4” x 14 3/4” x 7 1/4”. Both are pine with applied paper labels, nailed construction and metal hardware (hinges and/or hooks and eyes).
  4. Cabet, Etiene. Almanach Icarien: astronomique, scientifique, pratique, industriel, statistique, politique et social. Paris: Bureau du populaire, 1842-1852. 14 cm.
  5. [Photograph, Cabinet Card]. [The Meetinghouse, North Union, Ohio Shaker community]. “North Union Church, Warrensville, O.” (inscription on reverse of mount). Photographer unknown, ca. 1880-1895. 11 1/2 x 17 cm., mounted on board 14 x 19 cm.
  6. [Manuscript, bound volume]. Journal of the Daily Pro- ceedings in the South Family of Shakers, Albany County, N. Y. Commercial blank book with 197 pages filled, with entries for September 13, 1896 through July 28, 1901. 36 cm.
  7. Ballou, Adin. Constitution, By-laws and Regulations of Fraternal Community No. 1 Located at Hopedale, Milford, Worcester County, Mass., as Recently Revised and Approved. Hopedale, Milford, Mass.: Community Press, 1846. 16 p. 25 cm.


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