The Shaker Manifesto Digitized by Randall Ericson

The Hamilton College Library is pleased to announce that it has completed the digitization of the entire twenty-nine volumes of The Shaker Manifesto, from its beginning in 1871 when it was called The Shaker, through 1899 when it was The Manifesto, with several title changes in between. The database consists of over 8,100 page images.

New Acquisitions by Hamilton College Library's Communal Societies Collection

  1. [Manuscript]. May 3d - 1786. George and David Darrow Deed to ye Church ef the Meeting House ... [Docketed Title]. 2 p., signed and sealed by George Darrow and David Darrow. 30 1/2 cm.
  2. Sheldon, William. Millenial [sic] Institutions: Being a Comment on the Fortieth Chapter of the Prophet Ezekiel. New-York, 1833. [i]-lix, [59]-160, [1] p. 22 1/2 cm.
  3. The Shakers' Covenant (Never before Published,) with a Brief Outline of Shaker History by Roxalana L. Grosvenor, Author of "Reminiscences of Life among the Shakers: Historical and Biographical Sketches." Boston: W. C. Allen, Printer, 1873. 1 p. 1. ii, 12 p. 22 1/2 cm.
  4. "History of Shakerism in the West: A Brief Account of the Entrance and Progress of What the World Call Shakerism Among the Subjects of the Late Revival in Ohio and Kentucky." In: Western Miscellany, 1 (January, February, March, April, 1849), 202-9, 247-52, 258-61. "Great Kentucky Revival," 274-79. 24 1/2 cm.
  5. Catalogue of Medicinal Plants, Barks, Roots, Seeds, Flowers, and Select Powders, with their Therapeutic Qualities and Botanical Names; Also, Pure Vegetable Extracts, Prepared in Vacuo; Ointments, Inspissated Juices, Essential Oils, Double Distilled and Fragrant Waters, &c., &c., Raised, Prepared, and put up in the most careful manner, by the United Society of Shakers, At New Lebanon, N. Y. Albany: Van Benthuysen, 1851? 35p. 17 1/2 cm.
  6. A Remonstrance Against the Testimony and Application of Mary Dyer, Requesting Legislative Interference Against the United Society Commonly Called Shakers. Together with some Affidavits and Certificates, Showing the Falsity of her Statements. Concord [N.H.]: Printed by Isaac Hill, 1818. 23 p. 20 cm.
  7. Cook, Ichabod. A Brief Examination of Some of the Most Prevalent False Doctrines and Ceremonials of the Christian Sects, Compared with Apostolic Doctrines .... Providence: Knowles & Vose, 1847. 171 p.
  8. Braght, Thieleman J. van. Der Blutige Schau-Platz: oder Martyrer-Spiegel der Tauffs Gesinten oder Wehrlosen-Christen, Die um des Zeugnuyss Jehu ihres Seligmachers willen gelitten haben, und seynd getodtet worden, von Christi Zeit an bis auf das Jahr 1660. Ephrata in Pensylvanien: Drucks und Verlags der Bruderschafft, 1748. 56, 478, [4], [14], 949, [11] p. 38 cm.


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